Walk for Water

2020 has seen a disruption to our normal calendar but has also opened up an opportunity for us to offer different and perhaps equally enjoyable, socially distanced events designed to help keep everyone fit and healthy in every way.

Not only that, through these special events, we have been able to help others less fortunate in our community. Read on for more details.

17 June 2020: Walk for Water success!

Dear all

We are pleased to bring you the final results of the W4W challenge!

To start though, a reminder of the purpose of the challenge:

In May 2020, Kansanshi Events and FQM's CSR department agreed upon a community exercise initiative, "Walk for Water", which could benefit Solwezi's orphanages. The CSR department pledged to fund boreholes for the orphanages according to kilometres covered during exercise by W4W participants. Walking, running and activities such as rowing and swimming would earn K10 per km, while cycling would earn K5 per km.

When we started our challenge and fund raising activity, there were three registered orphanages in Solwezi that FQM CSR supported. The one named Gigal Orphanage had some problems with sanitation (which is a big thing that we’ll be helping the orphanages with!) and had to re-home their children. They are hoping to re-open, out of town, in a few months and when Covid-19 restrictions die down and their borehole can go in then.

We are delighted to report that in the course of 4 weeks of exercise, 191 individuals and 4 Trident College hostel teams contributed a total of 35,091kms to the Kansanshi Walk For Water initiative! This impressive distance was made up of 10,693km running/walking, 23,867km cycling and 531km in other activities.

The total amount earned is ZMW 231,575.00!!

And...the borehole work at Emmanuel Orphanage and Kilelabanda Orphanage is underway! We look forward to sharing more news and pictures as the work progresses.

Congratulations, one and all! Your enthusiasm, commitment, positive feedback and the many hours on your feet, on your bike, in the pool or in your boat, are much appreciated. It's been a great community effort by all.

Two points in closing:

  • We would like to give a token of appreciation to participants who logged kms for 3 or 4 weeks of the 4-week challenge. These are in the form of bespoke Kansanshi Events W4W buffs or masks. We will be e-mailing you directly to arrange for collection plans for one of these.

  • Just for interest's sake (and for that competitive element!), please find here 'Top 50' reports for most kms run or walked, most kms cycled, most kms overall and most kwacha earned. If your name doesn't appear on these lists and you would like to find out anything about your own stats, feel free to contact us.

Please also click on this link to see pictures and accompanying comments sent in by W4W participants - thank you!

Thanks to Kansanshi Mining PLC AGM, John Gladston and CSR manager Bruce Lewis for their support, and thanks also to James Stephenson, CSR, for his invaluable work liaising with the orphanages. Thanks to the FQM CSR Department for enabling this all to happen!

15 May 2020: Walk for Water!

Every kilometre you walk, run or ride from Monday 18th May 2020 to Sunday 14th June 2020 will help to pay towards a borehole for each of 3 orphanages in Solwezi - Emmanuel, Kilelabalanda and Gigal Orphanages.

This initiative is sponsored by KMP's CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) department. Together, we can help provide clean, safe water for these 3 orphanages. Every km you walk or run equates to K10 that will be donated by the CSR Department towards the project. Every km you ride equates to a K5 donation.

To take part in this worthy cause, all you need to do is to sign up using our online form, then start walking, running or riding! (We will also allow other activities which can be measured by distance, such as rowing, swimming and golf.) Once we have your details, we will send you a link so you can log in your weekly kilometres every Sunday. You can also just whatsapp or text your kms to +260966597986 if that's easier.

Please note that walks or runs need to be specific activities - you can't just count your steps for the day.

Anyone involved in the Kansanshi community can take part, anywhere. You need to be able to provide proof of your activity if asked - this can be done by providing a screenshot or pic from your tracking device, or joining our Strava event. However if you don't have a device, that's ok - we can provide you with details of measured routes to walk, run or ride.

We will publish a regular tally so we can all see how much we have raised as a community, towards the boreholes. There will be spot prizes so check the Kansanshi Events emails, Facebook and Instagram pages!

Please remember to follow prescribed Covid-19 regulations as you exercise: keep a safe distance from others, and wear a mask in public places.


Main Event Dates

  • Mine2Mine Road Race............5th April 2020 (Postponed due to Covid-19)

  • KGE Triathlon...........................16th May 2020 (Cancelled due to Covid-19)

  • Noon2Moon.............................18th July 2020 (Cancelled due to Covid-19)

  • Kansanshi Cycling Weekend...19th & 20th September 2020 *Cancancelled due to Covid-19 but see NEWS page for details of an alternative event)